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DIY Scaffolding

Our range of scaffold systems and accessories is designed to meet the needs of the DIY home owner for a range of uses.

Painting externally we have fixed scaffold platforms that can be easily erected up to 4m high and 2 or 3 bays long to make the hardest painting job a breeze.

Fully compliant with handrails and internal ladder decks they are a safe and legal scaffold for the home handyman.

Our experienced Sales team can quote for your needs and advise on different locations and situations.

Our ProFrame series is the preffered option for the DIYer without scaffold and a very cost effective solution.

We also have a Yard Hire option available at our Christchurch yard at 203 Maces Rd Bromley in both Aluminium and ProFrame.

Call in and see our friendly knowledgeable staff for expert service or ring 0800 475 2675.

Mobile Scaffolds -DIY Scaffolding.

we offer a range of Lightweight Steel Mobile Scaffolds which are almost as light as alloy but offer the benefits of steel and are manufactured here  in our Christchurch Factory.

We have a 750mm wide series that ranges from 2m to 5m in height with all the necessary accessories.

Our standard width is 1280mm Wide which provides a wide stable footprint and also ranges from 2m to 5m in height.

Our experienced Sales team can quote for your needs and requirements

Contact us for a quote

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